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Share Your Writing about "Barriers" and "Waiting in Line at the Drugstore"

posted Jan 23, 2012 19:10:24 by MaryAnne
I have been reading some great responses to these two readings. After I return your papers, do a few more revisions and share your writing here by replying to this topic. We can all learn a lot from each other for sure!

Thanks for the good class today. Most groups have posted their work, so take a look at the postings about
The Namesake!

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WenHuang said Mar 15, 2012 04:02:48
Wen Huang (Novia)

In the first reading, Barriers, I agree a point which is a general problem for most of foreign students – have a difficult time to speak with Americans. I think many students would face this problem when they first come to the U.S. How does it feel? I can tell it is very uncomfortable. Try is a word all the foreign students should keep because if they don’t try to communicate with other people, then they would, as author Niella says, “I isolate myself or look for a friend with whom I can speak a language I don’t have to concentrate on, and which I and very good.” Author Niella has a good explanation about his problem when he first came, but what I don’t like is that he doesn’t explain his method about how to solve this condition. It makes me feel that author Niella only wants to show his problem and have less experience to solve it.
I like second reading Waiting in Line at the Drugstore more than Barriers. It is talking about how author Jackson discovers that reading is interesting when he was a teenager. I think author has a really good attitude to look forward in his life. Even under the prejudiced condition, he found out he could read and learn more when he was waiting in line at the drugstore. He knew that black people who would never be esteemed by other white people at that time, so he didn’t argue about waiting after all the whites in line. However, I feel amazed about his discovery. He used those waiting times to read all the books which he looked at, and it not only made him save his time to read and learn, but also find out the way to go through in his future. I think we can learn this attitude from him. No matter wherever we are, if we have the chance to do what we want, then catch that chance and don’t be afraid to do it because maybe someday it would be a good experience or good start to open our future.
YongJinKim(YJ) said Mar 19, 2012 06:49:43
‘What do you think about most important thing when you are learning something?’ This question was the most big discussion issue in previous ESL classes. We shared our own strategies and everyone agreed that most important things are repeating and throw out the fear and shame. When we discussed about this question, we usually focused on the learning English. One of my classmates, who were taking same ESL 244 class, said ‘there is no way to avoid our poor English skills; however, we can improve and make our English skills up, that is the purpose that to be here for every student so that we do not have to worry about it.’ It was so impressive for me and still reminds me the reason why I am here. Even though I am not that good at English yet, I believe that I am getting better still now and I could be coping with this problem. I can not speak English as a native speaker, but it is a matter of course thing. There is a one proverb in Korea; “When you are learning something, you do not have to shame if you do not know. However, it is a shame thing if you pretend to know it.” I am always trying to be confident when I learn something and try to make the improvement so that I could make the next step. If you fear, or are depressed by something, you should try to imagine yourself in the future instead of make yourself small in the present.

Waiting in line at the drug sore
‘How to utilize your time?’ is an important question not only for the study, but also for the life. In the article “Waiting in line at the Drug store”, the author indicates that how he spent his time during waiting in the drug store. Actually, everyone has same time for everyday, every month, every year for whole their life. However, they are using it in different ways and it brings different result sometimes. As we know that if spend time efficiently, we could approach to success and to live fruitful more easily. After I came to the U.S, I realized that I have to study hard more and more because it is not easy to get a chance to be here and learn English. Since then, I usually remind myself “I should not waste my time at least I can not save the time.” Although, it is still very difficult to live in this way, I am trying to do it. Some people might say best way to utilize time is learn something, playing game, listening music or take a rest because everyone has different values for own life, so that it is difficult to evaluate whether someone utilize the time well or not. However, we should realize that time is limited and equal for everyone. Unless make an efforts on our own time, we would regret for it someday.
avatar said Mar 19, 2012 08:08:54

In “Barriers”, Rolando Niella was learning new things like language and tennis. He goes on to explain his frustrations and the problems he went through and how other people would give up on him if he couldn’t get any word or pick up a fast service while playing tennis. The thing I liked about him was that he had the hunger for knowledge, whether it was in sports or education he always wanted to learn more. Even though he was having a hard time picking up some words, he would still try to listen carefully and have his full attention towards what others were saying. What disappoints me is that he knew that he was going to face some problems and that he shouldn’t be discouraged about it. It’s ok for him to make mistakes because that’s how he’s going to learn, but whatever people would say to him or whenever he felt he wasn’t good enough for this, he would lock himself in the room. This, to me, seemed like really childish thing to do rather than just facing people. Despite all this, he still didn’t give up, and today he’s a world renowned writer.

Waiting in Line at the Drug Store
As I was reading this, I realized how unfair it was in the time of segregation, as black people were considered a minority and were constantly judged by the color of their skin. It shows how much the color of a person’s skin mattered during the time of segregation. If you were a white person, you were always served first, regardless of anything. If you were black, you had to stand and wait until all the whites were served first; meanwhile, all the whites are watching you stand there because the color of your skin doesn’t match theirs. I am very grateful that racism like that doesn’t exist today. We are essentially allowed to do anything we want and everyone has the right to be treated equally, regardless of the color of their skin. The part of the story that really caught my attention is the way the waitresses changed their attitude towards him once he had started reading the books from the shelf.
LeeKise said Mar 19, 2012 15:17:11
Response of “Barriers”

When I read this article “Barriers”, I felt sympathy because I am also a foreign student. When I read this article, I can understand easier than other essays. His essay’s vocabulary level is not only comparatively easy, but also he expresses his situation as tennis. Furthermore, I used to learn how to play tennis. It is very difficult to me and speaking English is also very difficult. From pronunciation to grammar, there is no easy thing. In his first paragraph, he says “playing tennis didn’t look that hard when he saw his friends playing it so gracefully.” When I saw my friends speak English after I came U.S, I am sure that I can speak English after one or two years later. Now, I can speak English, but it is not that fluent. Sometimes, I compare my English skills with my friends, so I felt frustrated. In my opinion, courage is most important part to have when learning language. Even though I know I will make mistakes, I have to speak. Even so, I am still afraid of speaking English with someone. Especially, Speaking English is quivering in front of many audiences for me as playing tennis when many audiences are looking the players

Response of “waiting in Line at the Drugstore”
In this piece of reading “Waiting In Line At The Drugstore”, there are things that have made me think about how should I spend my spare time and the most important thing is how do I think my situation. Same as this author whose name is Roland Niella, if I think my situation is the best way than other people’s situations, my miserable life will return animated life. When I was young kid, my father always told me that many people who are successful CEOs know how to manage their spare time. They never waste their every minutes. In like manner, the author realized by himself what he will do during the waiting, whether on purpose or not. Therefore, his life is changed totally. The time when he is waiting the line is passing very fast and he expects tomorrow. In conclusion, I should know how to manage my spare time, and every hour. Then, I can live plentiful life.
ArmanHajiHeidari said Mar 25, 2012 06:18:15
Arman Hajiheidari
Journal #3 guidelines
M-W 7:30-9:00
Waiting in Line at the Drugstore
The first time I had to wait in line was when I was about 10 years old. I remember it like it was yesterday because after the first time I went it became part of my daily routine and It was the first thing I would do for couple years. I had to wake at 6 am, run to super market and wait in line for milk and after that run to a bread bakery and wait in the line to get a hot fresh out of the oven bread. For the first five minutes of the first day I want to go back to bed and wake up last minute for school. But while I was waiting in the line a breath my face and it felt as if I just had a can of energy drink and I could think and process everything more clearly. As I look up I could not believe what I was seeing, I saw the girl in my neighborhood that I had crush on in the line waiting with her mother. After couple of morning pass by I would look at her and smile and she would blush. So finally on the third day she came up to me and we became a close friend. Every Moring I would go to her and get permeation from her and we walk to super market together and wait in the line for milk. After that we would walk to the bakery to and get fresh breads and walk back home together. Even thought Jakson hated waiting in line at the begging of the story, he found his path and destiny while waiting in the line. He found out about being patience is an important life skill. Although he drop out of high school and start working but once he read the title and first 12 pages he could not wait to come back and read more. So at end of the story he did not feel the time passing by while waiting in line and he wanted more time to read the books. Also I believe that every person has a talent inside them, they just have to reach into their body and find it, and follow it.
JagdeepSingh said Mar 26, 2012 17:01:39
Name: Jagdeep Singh

Date: 01/12/12

Class: ESL 5

Journal # 2

Reading this article "Barriers" by Rolando Niella made me feel very much part of the account wrote by Niella I being an immigrant and having similar difficulties in communication here in the United States was very much motivated by this article. I realized I am not alone in this situation. Playing a new game or learning to play a new game and learning to communicate effectively is very much the same.
I liked the article because it explained in a clinical manner about the flows one has to overcome to master either playing a new game or learning in detail a foreign language. The author explained in great detail about action and reaction of activities in the game of tennis and in conversations between her friends and roommate.
This article lacked any issue that could have been confusing. The detailed narrative by the author was very interesting and easy to understand. I agree with all aspects related to the game of tennis and communication. As stated earlier in the beginning of this article as I was magnetically attracted to this article because the essence of it was very similar to what I go through everyday.
Conclusively, the author very boldly encourages that we should not give up challenges that affect our communication or mastery of any interest. The most interesting and encouraging remark by the author is: " So if you happen to be talking to a foreigner, be aware of this problem. If you are a foreign student yourself, do not feel depressed. I believe that in the long run there will be a reward, a better understanding of ourselves and the vital phenomenon of communication."

MaiLuu said Mar 26, 2012 21:42:33
Mai Luu
Journal #3 guidelines
In the article, Rolando think that learning English is very challenging as well as learning tennis, and he illustrate many experiments to learn English. There is one of his challenge, “ I usually don’t react to a joke until it is too late.” It is really embarrassing me. In a daily conversation with my friend, sometime they laugh because a joke or something else, but I just don’t know why they are laughing, and I wondering that are they laughing me? Another embarrassing situation is watching some show on TV with native friends. I just don’t understand why they are laughing. What are they laughing? Are they laughing me? Am I funny?
This is Rolando’s experience, “As in many sport, if you want to enjoy it, you have to practice until you master it.” It is absolutely right. Learning languages or sports, you have to practice very hard. It is not several days, but it could be many years. For example, I learn English more than 10 years in Vietnam, but when I went to America I felt like I didn’t know English. After studied almost two years in the US I feel a little bit better, but I have to practice a lot because I still can’t understand everyday conversation and my lesson in class. I don’t know when I can enjoy my English? When can I speak English fluently? And when can I understand every word people say? Everyone said that I just need time, I just keep practice, and I will see my reward.
Waiting in Line at the Drugstore
On to the article “Waiting in Line at the Drugstore” James Thomas Jackson demonstrates his challenging and experiences as a “black” citizen in America. “If any black wanted service whether for him or, like me, for those he worked for – he simply had to stand and wait until all the white folks were served.” It is very sad and unbelievable because in my mind, American is very open mind and civilization people. I can’t believe they can treat “black” like second-class people. However, I think the society today is different. Everyone have the same right, and we are equal. For example, Obama is a black man and he can be a president of the US.
“Somehow I didn’t feel badness that I usually felt when I returned form the drugstore” no one like waiting. When I came to the US I feel very strange because people have to waiting in a line to buy something or eating. In my country, it is never happen, and people would never wait an hours for eating at a restaurant. Therefore, waiting in line in America is the biggest surprise for me, and I hate waiting. However, one time when I was waiting for my doctor, I expected I would waiting him about 2 hours, so I bring a novel with me because I didn’t know what to do. However, it was not that long, and I also like reading. Therefore, I think no one like waiting because we don’t want to waste our time, so we can do other things to make our time is useful because time is gold. Moreover, everything have negative and positive views, so we shouldn’t just look on negative views, looking on positive points help us happier and agree with what we have.
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